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4 trends that will shape the warehouse of tomorrow

This past year has shown us that one thing is for sure, the world of logistics is endlessly complex and constantly changing. On that note, we have gathered our experiences, thoughts, and perspectives on the logistical challenges and trends we see our customers face today – and what they may encounter tomorrow into a 30-minute webinar.

Our automation expert, Claes Jönsson and our product owner Patrik Olsson, will discuss the trends we have spotted in supply chain and logistics – from a warehouse management perspective. We will share stories from our customers within retail, wholesale, manufacturing, food and beverage and e-commerce. With years of experience working with companies in different industries, we have gathered an extensive library of interesting stories and learnings.


Our goal with this webinar is for you to learn about:

  • The trends we spot in logistics and supply chain
  • The impact these trends will have on warehouse management
  • Interesting customer cases from various industries and their logistical setup

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Automation Expert

Claes Jönsson

Consafe Logistics


Patrik Olsson

Consafe Logistics