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Benefits of using our WMS:

  • Maximizes warehouse profitability.

  • Total control and visibility in the warehouse in real-time.

  • Fast ROI – and low TCO!

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AI Logistics.

The WMS brain of your warehouse has just become even smarter. With our AI functionality the system uses information on previous activities to let your warehouse operations evolve alongside your business. Smart box calculation is added as standard feature and a new add on module lets you organize your stock according to previous purchase patterns. All in all, it will make your WMS save even more money. And we promise, this is only the beginning.




40 years of warehouse innovation.

In this connected world we expect products to be delivered anywhere, anytime, faster than ever and with full traceability – every time. And it all starts in the warehouse. Optimizing the use of people, space and equipment is no longer just important, it’s a matter of survival. That’s why you need a WMS that grows with your business, adapts with your market – and helps you operate more profitably.
Building effective warehouse management solutions is not about the latest software or the most exclusive hardware. It’s about knowledge, technical curiosity, and experience.

For more than 40 years Consafe Logistics has been in the forefront of warehouse management innovation, from non-reserving logic and pick-by-voice to cloud solutions and Artificial Intelligence. Always in close collaboration with our customers.

Through the years we have built a track-record as an European leader known for speed, accuracy and reliability. By implementing our warehouse management system (WMS) and/or warehouse control system (WCS), you gain greater control and efficiency of your warehousing operations with real-time insights. Helping you to manage, optimize and future-proof your business, adapting to new challenges as they arise.

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How COVID-19 impacts our business.

With regards to the situation with Covid-19 Consafe Logistics have implemented proactive actions to secure the health of our employees and the support to our customers.

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Get control and increase warehouse efficiency with our WMS and WCS.

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Our solution-approved hardware is preconfigured and ready to use.

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Expert technical service and support when and where you need us – 24/7/365.

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Master intralogistics.

Intralogistics is the fine art of optimizing, integrating, automating and managing the logistical flow of your warehouse(s). Finding the balance can be a challenge. When you partner with us, your warehouse will benefit from an outside perspective. We use a holistic approach to deliver improvements in optimization and resource utilization, based on insights from continuous operational analytics.

Robust and flexible warehouse management system maximizes warehouse profitability – tells you what, when and where.


By adding Astro WCS® to the WMS, you control advanced automation installations, such as the flow of goods in and out.


Bring new functionality to your WMS and WCS, satisfying your specific warehousing and/or industry needs.


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